"I highly recommend Russell Goodrow"

     Russell Goodrow represented me in a contentious case in 2016.The Santa Clara County Prosecutor's office was determine to make an example out of the 3-member board of directors of a medical cannabis collective. After charging each of us with numerous felonies, the prosecutor's office proceeded to take us through a long and drawn out court case that lasted nearly six weeks. As my representative,I appreciated Russell's level headed and methodical approach to refuting each of the prosecutor's charges. I particularly liked Russell's honest approach. He discussed my options with me and allowed me to make informed choices.He put me at ease and I always felt that he gave me his full attention. Russell respected my intelligence by not bullying me or dictating to me. He took the time to explain what was going on within the trial and I appreciated his patience. Russell worked well with the other attorneys on the case and I appreciated his ability to be a productive member of a legal team. We won the case and we were found innocent by the jury of all the felony charges brought against us. I highly recommend Russell Goodrow to those who appreciate the same qualities as I do in an attorney.
“Great first time experience”
     This was my first need for a lawyer, and Mr. Goodrow was extremely responsive and helpful during the entire experience. Being a referral from a friend I wasn't sure what to expect. I called Russell the day after my incident and he personally picked the phone right up, told me to relax, and proceeded to take care of everything. My court case was in San Jose, he lives in San Francisco, and I live in Sacramento; but he took care of everything and I never even had to show up to court. Everything happened exactly the way he said it would. Thanks Russell!
Matthew (a DUI client)
"Mr. Goodrow is a great attorney"
     Mr. Goodrow is a great attorney. He is trustworthy, responsive and knowlegable. He makes every attempt needed to win a case. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney. I had a DUI case and he won my case where ALL charges were droped.
Nasreen (a DUI client)