"He fights hard for his clients"

     Russell is an excellent attorney. I have worked with him in the past and I have also referred clients to him. He is professional and diligent and is a excellent communicator. He fights hard for his clients and takes the responsibility of representing his clients' interests very seriously.

"Russell was extremely professional and caring"

     Mr. Goodrow helped me win my case against my former employer. He advised and guided me through the entire process. He was extremely professional and caring. Highly recommended!

"He is worth his weight in gold!"

     Mr. Goodrow is professional and proficient in every facet of his business. He’s saved me from several hairy situations and difficult circumstances in a wide range of my business dealings. Call him for consultation if you want to save money and get things done. He is worth his weight in gold!

"I highly recommend Russell Goodrow"

     Russell Goodrow represented me in a contentious case in 2016.The Santa Clara County Prosecutor's office was determine to make an example out of the 3-member board of directors of a medical cannabis collective. After charging each of us with numerous felonies, the prosecutor's office proceeded to take us through a long and drawn out court case that lasted nearly six weeks. As my representative,I appreciated Russell's level headed and methodical approach to refuting each of the prosecutor's charges. I particularly liked Russell's honest approach. He discussed my options with me and allowed me to make informed choices.He put me at ease and I always felt that he gave me his full attention. Russell respected my intelligence by not bullying me or dictating to me. He took the time to explain what was going on within the trial and I appreciated his patience. Russell worked well with the other attorneys on the case and I appreciated his ability to be a productive member of a legal team. We won the case and we were found innocent by the jury of all the felony charges brought against us. I highly recommend Russell Goodrow to those who appreciate the same qualities as I do in an attorney.
“Great first time experience”
     This was my first need for a lawyer, and Mr. Goodrow was extremely responsive and helpful during the entire experience. Being a referral from a friend I wasn't sure what to expect. I called Russell the day after my incident and he personally picked the phone right up, told me to relax, and proceeded to take care of everything. My court case was in San Jose, he lives in San Francisco, and I live in Sacramento; but he took care of everything and I never even had to show up to court. Everything happened exactly the way he said it would. Thanks Russell!
Matthew (a DUI client)
"Mr. Goodrow is a great attorney"
     Mr. Goodrow is a great attorney. He is trustworthy, responsive and knowlegable. He makes every attempt needed to win a case. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney. I had a DUI case and he won my case where ALL charges were droped.
Nasreen (a DUI client)

"Russell was emphatic and dedicated throughout the process"

     He helped me thorough a very difficult situation, and against significant odds, we won. This was an extremely rare outcome for the situation. He was emphatic and dedicated throughout the process. I had worked with many attorneys before Russell, and none of them seemed to take as much pride on their work or in their client's success as Russell. I would highly recommend Russell.

"Russell gets better results than other lawyers"

     I have worked with Russ on many cases, criminal and civil. He is an experienced and able attorney, and a zealous and fearless advocate. He gets better results than other lawyers, because he knows how the game is played, and he plays it well. If you need help, he's the one to call.

"He’s on your side and fights hard for you"

     Russell Goodrow represented me during my case and helped me get a favorable decision. He’s professional and it’s easy to get in touch with him. He’s on your side and fights hard for you. I’d recommend him.

"He is highly responsive, respectful, generous"

     Mr. Russell was a recommendation from another attorney in SF. He is highly responsive, respectful, generous, easy going, smart, intuitive and works with you to get things worked out in the best manner possible.

"Russell stands out from other attorneys"

     Russell Goodrow is an extremely helpful and informed attorney. He has gone out of his way to work with me and guide me through a claims process in an auto accident, and for this I am grateful. I feel Russell has a very benevolent approach to life and people, and stands out from other attorneys and litigation firms out there. I will always be turning to Russell for my legal counsel and advice.

"You'll be in good hands with Goodrow Law!"

     Have had a great experience with Russ and his staff. He is clear and straight forward, and makes sure to keep you in loop as to what is going on. I have to echo what others have said also, that he gives you his full attention and really makes sure you feel heard by him. You'll be in good hands with Goodrow Law!

"Great choice when searching for a personal injury law firm"

     Goodrow Law Office is a great choice when searching for a personal injury law firm. I have referred many clients to the firm over the years and each client has been impressed with the attention and care they received.

"Goodrow Law allows me to live my life and not worry"

     Full attention to me and my case. Sometimes I even forget things are happening. Goodrow Law allows me to live my life and not worry.

"The best attorney I have ever had"

     Mr. Russell Goodrow is a very educated and experienced attorney, as a matter of fact that he is the best attorney I have ever had. He took care of my case with professional skills and knowledge. His team is very helpful and supportive. They listened out my concerns and handled it seriously. I would recommend him and his team to everyone who needs legal advices.

"Professional and a man of integrity"

     I contacted Mr. Goodrow about a year ago after a client had failed to pay a large sum of money that was owed to us. The clients had closed up shop and the only info I had was his first and last name. Mr. Goodrow, did all the hard work of finding this person and bringing him to justice. After a few months I was paid the full amount I was owed and there was no dilly dallying through out the entire process. He is professional and a man of integrity. I highly recommend him and will use him again in he future.

"Great person who cares about the cases"

     We have had great experiences with Mr. Goodrow, who is an excellent attorney. He and his staff are very detail oriented and great communicators. His office has worked on several litigation issues for my family’s business—always with successful outcomes. The bonus is that he is a great person who cares about the cases.

"Russell has successfully helped me in various situations"

     Russ has been invaluable as a resource and legal problem solver. He is accessible and is able to explain your options in easy to understand language. He doesn't watch the clock and is surprisingly reasonable on his fees which are a big advantage. His personality makes him feel like more of a friend than a typical attorney but he knows the law well and has successfully helped me in various situations.

"Provide professional advices to the clients patiently"

     Mr. Goodrow is highly talented and a very good lawyer. The way he handles cases is very professional and also his staff is great. Mr. Goodrow and his staff provide professional advices to the clients patiently. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. I feel very comfortable working with him and his team. His expertise gave me confidence.

"I will be calling him again"

     Very professional attorney. Informative and effective, I will be calling him again if I need additional legal counsel.

"A strong, diligent advocate"

     Russ was very professional in all areas, and was a strong, diligent advocate.

"Mr. Goodrow has solved my problems each and every time!"

     I am a San Francisco Realtor, who has used Mr. Goodrow's services for several years now. I often have legal issues that arise and Mr. Goodrow has consistently performed excellent work and maintained a profession demeanor towards me and my clients. Most importantly however is that his team has solved my problems each and every time!