The Law Office of Russell Goodrow provides Criminal Defense Representation for Parties with pending appearances and Defendants who have been criminally charged. Goodrow is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of Criminal Representation and exploring every avenue to having your charges dismissed, or seeing a trial through to a not guilty acquittal. We have an excellent record with numerous cases of charges not being filed or clients being found innocent.

Goodrow has been successfully practicing Criminal Defense since 2007.


Facing criminal charges is one of the most stressful experiences that you can ever have, and you need a criminal defense lawyer on your team to help you obtain a favorable outcome. The experts at The Law Offices of Russell Goodrow in San Francisco, CA are criminal law experts with a keen understanding of the criminal procedures that you need to get your charges dismissed, reduced, or to be acquitted at trial. Some of the cases they have experience defending include:

• DUI—They have the criminal law expertise and understanding of the DUI criminal procedures to increase your chances of getting an improved outcome on your case. While there still may be some ramifications, their defense can help you limit the severity of those consequences.

• Felonies—The Law Offices of Russell Goodrow has the experienced criminal law staff and resources to uncover evidence, interview witnesses, and present a credible defense designed to get the charges dismissed or prove you not guilty at trial.

• Misdemeanors—They have the determination and skills necessary to explore every possibility of having the charges dropped or keeping you from serving jail time.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Russell Goodrow understand that bad things happen to good people, and everybody deserves a quality defense by an expert criminal attorney. Whether you were driving when you should not have been or you find yourself charged with a felony, their criminal law professionals will make your case a priority.

When you find yourself in trouble in San Francisco, CA, The Law Offices of Russell Goodrow will stand by you from the reading of the charges to your ultimate acquittal.

Hire us to work with the most dedicated and experienced criminal law experts in the area.