A DUI attorney has the necessary experience, in-court relationships, and a thorough understanding of the procedural and legal implications affecting the outcome of a criminal DUI offense.  While you may experience some ramifications of a DUI charge, you will certainly increase and improve the outcome, as all possible mechanisms for minimizing the significance of the…

There are a number of direct procedural arguments that can be made to undermine the legitimacy of a charge. At Goodrow Law the first step in defending your case is to call into question whether the state and its representatives have followed proper procedures in your case. So the answer is no, not necessarily, but…

In the state of California, it is the DMV which determines if a person convicted of driving under the influence be issued a restricted license, which would allow driving to and from work only, or have their driving privileges suspended entirely. If this is your first offense, without a vigorous defense, you stand to lose your license…

Most first time DUI convictions are not considered felonies requiring disclosure to government agencies or employers.  If you are employed to drive for your employer as a part of your employment duties you may be characterized as a “common carrier,” someone having a higher duty of care in driving than that of the average citizen….

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