Most first time DUI convictions are not considered felonies requiring disclosure to government agencies or employers.  If you are employed to drive for your employer as a part of your employment duties you may be characterized as a “common carrier,” someone having a higher duty of care in driving than that of the average citizen.  A person required to drive as a part of their employment risks their livelihood in receiving such an infraction and should prioritize obtaining DUI related offense representation.  The stakes are much higher for an employee in this position.  There is a lot that can be done to advocate for this type of driver to minimize the negative impact of a DUI related offense.

If you are job hunting and are concerned about a disclosure somehow preventing you from consideration, consider the consequence of failing to disclose a DUI related offense on your record when a background check is inevitable.  Allow us to coach you such that your rights and privacy are protected.  You must simply utilize the protections flowing from your rights as an American citizen, or legal alien, such that the burden is on the government to attempt to prove their case against you.  You need an advocate that holds government agencies to their burden of proof and the current procedures in place that must be adhered to to entertain the notion of convicting you for any perceived offense.

Our goal at Goodrow Law is to provide you with the best defense available to prevent you from having to concern yourself with any disclosure at all.

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