if you live in a different state and you are convicted of a DUI in California, you will be punished pursuant to the laws of California. Depending on your state, your offense may carry over for further penalization in your state. Call Goodrow Law now and provide us with information regarding your specific case now, so that we can help you with your defense.

If, however, you live in Mission Hills – Vineyards North, Cameron Hills South, Fremont Place, Avalon Vineyards South, Cupertino South, Regnart Canyon, Summit Pointe Golf Club, Sacramento, Lakeview, San Francisco, Skyfarm Carollands, Hillsborough, San Marino, Milipitas, Fremont, Portuguese Bend, Rancho Palos Verdes, Russian Hill, Rolling Hills Estates, Poway, Tustin Ranch, Tustin, Esperanza, Yorba Linda, La Canada Flintridge, or Los Angeles, call us now. Let us help you.

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